Royal Terengganu Socket

Songket belongs to the brocade family of textiles. Gold and silver threads are hand-woven into silk or cotton yarns, forming intricate patterns that spring from the imagination of the weaver.

While the term “songket” comes from the Malay word “menyongket” which means “to embroider”, songket is actually woven using a method called the supplementary weft technique. Gold or silver threads are inserted in special lengths in between the silk weft or latitudinal threads of the cloth to create motifs. It is this pattern of wefts that distinguishes songket from other types of hand-woven textiles. The amount of gold patterning in each length of cloth varies greatly – it can be replete with metallic threads (“songket penuh”) or rendered as a sprinkling of motifs on the main body of the fabric with heavily decorated borders.

While staying true to this traditional weaving method, Royal Terengganu Songket creations are distinctive in the label’s use of fine Lurex threads delicately hand-dyed in a contemporary colour palette. The result is a luxurious collection of fabrics that represent a perfect blend of heritage and modernity.

To widen the appeal of the textile, Royal Terengganu Songket has also adapted its use beyond Malay wedding attire or as “sampin” (waist wrap) worn by men, to include luxurious shawls, accessories and beautiful home items. Our latest collections are available at the Royal Terengganu Songket showroom in Kuala Lumpur.

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